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Sahabat Blak-blakan Soal Rina Nose Lepas Jilbab

Kalina juga mengatakan secara tegas jika keputusan Rina Nose melepas hijab merupakan keputusannya sendiri.

Sahabat Blak-blakan Soal Rina Nose Lepas Jilbab
Sejak 2016 lalu, presenter Rina Nose memutuskan untuk memakai hijab di setiap aktivitasnya. Namun kini, Rina memutuskan untuk tak lagi berhijab. 

TRIBUNKALTENG.COM - Usai memutuskan melepas hijabnya, artis Nurina Permata Putri atau Rina Nose (33) kini malah dekat dengan pria Arab bernama Faraj Achmad, pemilik akun @zackraj pada Instagram.

Dia juga pemilik restoran dan kedai kopi di Yogyakarta.

Foto-foto kedekatan Rina Nose dengan pria Arab tersebut terpampang pada timeline @zackraj.

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Dalam foto-foto tersebut, Rina Nose malah masih mengenakan hijab.

Foto di atas diberi caption, "There is an amazing woman I know, and her name is Nurina Permata Putri. I learn from her to have a life with compassion and to have a heart that overflows to give. Not many women have the strength that Rina have, her life is EXCEPTIONAL.

I am very blessed to know her as my friend, she honors everything that is a life.

When we were walking together in the street of New york. I witnessed her thouching a very dirty dog, she just took that moment to show the dog love and care, which I think is very touching and that reminds me exactly why I want to be her friend, her student and travel companion.

I would like to tell her, “ stay who you are, always follow your heart and specially keep dreaming.”
REMEMBER you are an amazing human being.

#support #love #care #amazing #happiness #life."

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